NMN – Nicotinamide Mononucleotide


  • 30 X 500mg Serve Of NMN (30 x 500mg Scoops)
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Чистый НМН — 30 порций

Чистый NMN порошок состоит из 30 порций по 500мг чистого никотиномида мононуклеотида (NMN), который часто используется для поднятия уровня НАД+ в организме человека. Каждая упаковка содержит 30 порций.

Каждая порция состоит из:
500мг β-никотиномид мононуклеотида (NMN)

Наши продукты производятся и хранятся в прохладной, темной, и сухой среде. Мы рекомендуем хранить приобретенный продукт в холодильнике.

Helps support low ATP (energy) cells, to increase energy. NMN is best for aged or low energy (ATP) cells as it does not need ATP from the cell to help restore NAD+ levels. NMN is the first cellular NAD restorer to be proven effective by research scientists to restore cells in vivo*

Molar mass334.2192 g/mol
PubChem CID16219737
NAD+ is essential for our cells to function, however we lose more than 50% of our NAD levels by the time we reach 60. Restoring NAD+ may help fight the effects of aging. Increased NAD+ levels have been linked to improved energy, DNA repair, improved cognition, cardiovascular health, improved cellular signaling, improved immune strength, reduced inflammation and more. NAD+ cannot be taken directly as the coenzyme is too large to pass through the cell membrane. NMN enters the cells via a newly discovered pathway (Slc12a8 protein), which then converts into NAD+ within the cell, effectively boosting NAD+ levels. The purity of the Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is rated at 99.3%. Each capsule contains 200mg of NMN with 30 capsules per bottle. Recommended daily dosage is 200mg (1 capsule) taken with food.


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